Frequently Asked Questions about Global Gates Associates

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What are the advantages of becoming a Global Gates Associate?

People who don’t need salary from Global Gates but desire to be committed volunteer missionaries toward the Global Gates vision are the best Associate candidates. They become vetted Global Gates missionaries and enter into our training and accountability system like missionary employees. Associates are afforded formal identity with our organization which lends support and authority for their work. In return, the commitment from Associates allows Global Gates to entrust them with more responsibility, In fact, some of our Global Gates leaders are Associates and not employees! 

Associates receive coaching, training, and are seen as regular Global Gaters who are vital contributors in reaching the ends of the earth through global gateway cities.

What sort of roles can Associates have with Global Gates?

Most Associates serve as Team Members working alongside full-time Global Gates missionaries who have strategic positions that need filled. However, some Associates with significant experience and time commitment take on leadership roles with our organization.

How many hours per week does an Associate need to invest in Global Gates ministry? 

Associates are committed volunteers that invest a minimum of five hours weekly for Global Gates ministry. Some of our missionary employees would expect more than five hours per week to work with them as a formal Associate. 

Can Associates raise funds through Global Gates?

Associates are able to raise financial support for reimbursement of Global Gates-related ministry expenses, but not for salary or living expenses. Associates are committed volunteers and not employees of Global Gates.

If ministry funds are needed, Associates will create a budget that will be approved by leadership. They will then be assigned a “giving link” and a Global Gates account for reimbursement of ministry expenses. All funds raised for ministry are channeled through the Global Gates account and will include a 10% administrative contribution for financial processing and administrative costs.

What is the process for becoming an Associate?

We use the same application and process (sometimes modified slightly) as we do for our missionary employees.

Can I volunteer with Global Gates without becoming an Associate?

Of course! Feel free to email us about your calling, skills, and interests. At any given time, Global Gates has hundreds of volunteers helping our missionaries with evangelism, teaching English, managing social media contacts, etc. We also have volunteers who help our general organization with videography, graphic design, web design, etc.

Is there a cost to serving as an Associate?

Associates who do not raise funds through Global Gates are required to pay $250 per year to cover administrative expenses. For those joining midyear, the fees are prorated and due within the month they are approved by the board of directors. Associates who raise less than $2,500 a year will be required to pay the $250 fee minus the 10% that has already been taken from their donations.

What accountability will be expected from Global Gates Associates? 

Following approval by the Global Gates Board of Directors, Associates will be expected to participate in team meetings, meet or videoconference with their assigned supervisor once monthly, and submit short monthly reports to their supervisor. Associates will also submit an annual report to track how the Lord is at work.