Pray for our Pathways Texas Interns

Several Global Gates missionaries and our Pathways Texas interns are overseas for a few weeks this month.
They will be engaging unreached populations in South Asia and the Middle East. 

Will you please pray for them? Here’s a list of prayer needs:

  • Boldness and Courage
  • Wisdom and Discernment
  • Protection from the enemy’s spiritual attacks 
  • Persons of peace among UPG’s 
  • People to hear and respond to the gospel in repentance and faith 
  • Start new Bible study groups, churches, and movements 
  • Discipleship of new believers 
  • Encouragement of field partners 
  • Training opportunities
  • Learn best practices for application in USA  
  • Physical health, strength, and energy 
  • Visas and entry into countries 
  • Negative PCR and rapid COVID tests before, during, and after the trip 

Thanks for your prayers!