Global Gates Long Term Missions

While God has used Global Gates in a variety of ways for His Kingdom, our greatest impact occurs through the catalytic work of our part-time and full-time missionaries. Global Gates missionaries are a mix of Christians from unreached people groups with a passion for reaching their people, and cross-cultural workers who range in experience from beginners to seasoned veterans. All of us are on a journey of learning, obedience, and adventure as we seek to fulfill our role in God’s story.

Become a long term member of the Global Gates team.

Global Gates recruits and raises up missionaries to start, or assist, work among the unreached people group communities in our North America UPG Matrix. View our primary and potential locations to view the most strategic metropolitan areas.

There are missionaries who join our work by raising ministry support through our organization, as well as those who become Global Gates Associates because they have other means to support themselves. We provide administration, vision, networking, training, and coaching for all our missionaries. 

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Global Gates Missionary Qualifications

  • Demonstrates a mature walk with God as verified by lifestyle and references.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Bible with its overarching narrative and can articulate the major tenets of the Christian faith to others.
  • Evidences God’s calling, gifting and leading to reach unreached people groups with the gospel.
  • Is age twenty-one or older (no maximum age).
  • Has a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Has the experience to fulfill the job assignment.
  • Is legally able to work in the USA or country of operation.
  • Models healthy family relationships (view our family standards).
  • Has no credit card debt and all other loans (student, mortgage, etc.) are manageable.
  • Shows evidence of good emotional, physical, financial and mental health.
  • Demonstrates a healthy relationship with a local evangelical church.
  • Agrees with the Lausanne Covenant and Global Gates' core values.
  • Demonstrates relational skills to network with partners for raising salary and ministry support.

Global Gates Missionary Application Process

We are thankful that God is raising up Kingdom laborers to join Global Gates. If you are interested in becoming a missionary with Global Gates, below are the steps of our application process. To join the work of Global Gates, all of our missionaries raise their own support or have other means of support.

Step 1

Have an initial skype or personal meeting with a Global Gates gateway city hub leader or affinity leader. If you know someone with Global Gates, have them connect you with one of those leaders, or email

Step 2

After this initial meeting, if moving forward seems like a good fit, you will be asked to fill out the Global Gates application available for download here.

  • Please make sure you agree with the Lausanne Covenant and Core Values of Global Gates before filling out the application.
  • Send your application to and the Global Gates leader with whom you had an initial conversation about filling out the application.
Step 3

Have a phone or online conversation with our GG Personnel Representative.

Step 4

After the application is reviewed and it has been approved, Global Gates hub leadership will work with you to set up an interview assessment. These usually last around six hours and include ample time for the applicant to ask questions about Global Gates.

You will be expected to pay for your travel expenses to a Global Gates hub city for the interview. If married, it is necessary for both husband and wife to be physically present for the interview. If you have children, you will need to arrange for someone to watch them.

In some cases, such as if you have a newborn, you may keep the child with you during the interview. Also, we can sometimes arrange childcare during the interview.

Step 5

After you have set up the interview date, you (and your
spouse if applicable) will need to:

  • Complete the background check you will receive from Admin.
  • Send the reference form to four different people. One needs to be from a pastor/church leader. One needs to be from a peer. One needs to be from someone you have discipled or supervised. The fourth can be sent to either of these. Completely filled-out forms should be sent by your reference to with your name included in the subject line.
  • Complete the self-evaluation on Relational Style form. We will send you this inventory that will include quick questions to answer from some of your family, friends and colleagues about your relational style. For this inventory to be most useful to you and Global Gates, we recommend sending this questionnaire to up to a dozen people that relate to you in different contexts. A minimum of seven people in your network should fill out this form.
  • For married people, we will be sending you a Marital Enrich Inventory.
Step 6

Be prayerful about your time with us in the interview.
During the interview, we certainly are looking to see if it is a good fit, on both ends, for you to become a missionary with Global Gates. However, we view the main purpose of these interviews differently. For whatever reason, God has placed us together for this time and has entrusted Global Gates interviewers with the ability to hear your story, experiences, vision, calling, etc. We do not take that lightly, and the main purpose in this interview is the opportunity to speak into your life with affirmations, recommendations, and pointing out areas of growth we see that will help you flourish in this next season of your walk with the Lord—whether that involves Global Gates or not. The interview is a casual setting in which three interviewers are normally present. You do not have to come prepared with anything.

  • After the interview, we are usually able to give you a completed interview assessment report within a week. In the report, you will have a green, yellow, or red light for proceeding with Global Gates, and we will point out strengths, growth areas, and recommendations based on your interview and inventories.
  • If you are approved for joining Global Gates and you are comfortable with continuing to do so, we will send your report to our Board of Directors for final approval.

Long Term Mission FAQs

What is unique about Global Gates?

The niche Global Gates has in the missions world is reaching unreached peoples and places through the spread of the gospel from within global gateway cities. You can learn more about us through perusing our website, starting with our distinctives.


How do I know if God is calling me to serve with Global Gates? 

As with most big decisions in following the Lord, you should devote much to prayer, Scripture, and counsel from your church and other Christians. Know who you are in Christ and what He is calling you to do. 

You should also learn a lot about Global Gates. Know our story. Know what we focus on and what we don’t focus on. Begin asking if God is aligning our stories for a greater purpose together or if an alignment would actually hinder either of us from fulfilling our role in God’s story. Send us questions and set up times to meet with our personnel. If you move forward with applying to serve with Global Gates, our application process is designed to further seek counsel from others and know each other more deeply to discern God’s will. 





To what extent are GG workers/teams permitted or encouraged to partner with other organizations?

Tremendously! We train our missionaries to ask the WIGTAKE (What’s it going to take?) question with their work. When asking that question, it inevitably moves our workers away from doing what they can do to forming strategic partnerships to do what needs to be done. Those partnerships range from community development projects with local Muslim associations to church planting with people and organizations closely aligned in theology and church polity.


Where does Global Gates work?

Visit our primary locations page to see the main cities where we have workers. Our other locations page shows cities where we also have workers. We would consider placing missionaries among the priority unreached people group communities in our UPG matrix or other locations worldwide that match our vision. Because our missionaries are seeking to reach the ends of the earth through global gateway cities, they are often strategically involved in spreading the gospel to people’s home countries and other diaspora communities around the world.