The Top 100 Most Unreached

Making Sense of the Information

Data is complicated. When we make these infographics to explain the UPG Priority Matrix, we make a lot of choices about what angle of the data to present. The spreadsheet we’re working with (which you can download and fulfill all of your spreadsheet data gathering dreams) is about 270 lines long and 17 columns wide.

Metro New York Has the Greatest Concentrations of Lostness

As you can see by this handy pie chart, Metro New York is the best place to find the most unreached people groups (click on chart to the right to see full size). What this means is that the greatest concentrations of the top most unreached groups in North America (via the matrix) live in Metro New York. This is important to note if you are a part of a large church or missions organization and you want to launch ministry efforts among many groups in one location (a little like how Global Gates got its start). 

But does this mean that Metro New York is more important or strategic for reaching these least reached groups? Yes and no. Obviously, they’ve got the numbers. Also important to note is that 18 of the top 25 groups live in New York. So maximizing missionary efforts among unreached people groups in New York should be a priority.

Surprising Strategic Spots in the Midwest

Things that this chart might not so clearly communicate, however, is the importance of a place like Columbus, OH. There are about 40,000 Somalis (#21 on the matrix) and 5,000 Somali Bantu (#13) living in this Midwestern city that most coastal dwellers can’t find on a map. Just down the road, Cincinnati hosts 5,000 members of a Muslim people group called the Soninke (#30). These unreached peoples in Ohio desperately need cross-cultural evangelism.  

Are You Living in a Strategic Place?

All this to say that, yes, Metro New York and Toronto are incredibly strategic places for reaching out to unreached people groups. But if you see your home anywhere on this pie chart–even if it’s in a less represented city like Winnipeg, San Jose, Phoenix, or Calgary, then you have a unique opportunity to share Jesus with a group of people who have likely never heard. It won’t require you to get a passport. You may not even need to get in your car! Your child might have someone from one of these groups in her class. 

Will you take seriously your role in seeing all people before the throne in heaven? At Global Gates, we pray for people like you, and we would love to help in whatever way we can! Send us a letter. Shoot us an email. Message us on Facebook. Tweet us. IG message. We don’t do tik tok… yet. But I’d say we’re pretty reachable (a lot like unreached people groups).