DFW People Group Prayer Strategist

Mission Description Summary

Prayer strategists facilitate and mobilize extraordinary prayer for a specific Priority People Group Segment. While the role may involve multiple people, the prayer strategist/coordinator will be the point person for strategic prayer and prayer mobilization among the assigned people group in the city. 

      The goal of the prayer strategist is for the whole team to be equipped, engage in, and catalyze extraordinary prayer. Extraordinary prayer goes beyond the ordinary in commitment, desperation, frequency, and quality, to engage with God at a deeper level. It is one of the common foundational characteristics of gospel movements, an integral part of spiritual warfare, and the work itself (Col 4:12). 

Depending on any new initiatives created and networking with already existing prayer initiatives, the time commitment could range from 6 to 12 hours a month. This is a volunteer position.

Major Responsibilities and Function

  • Create and implement a comprehensive prayer strategy. 
  • Become informed on the assigned people group segment.
  • Recruit new prayer partners.
  • Work with the engagement team to ensure all gospel engagement activities receive targeted prayer before, during, and after engagement.
  • Create or update existing communication platforms (Google Groups, Facebook, etc.) for strategic and timely prayer requests.
  • Continually learn and implement best practices for prayer strategies.
  • Collaborate with other prayer coordinators and groups to grow the network and learn new methods.
  • Periodically evaluate and refine prayer strategies together with the team.


Available people group segments:

  • Gujarati
  • South Asian Muslims (Indo-Pak Muslims and Bangladeshi)
  • Punjabi Sikh 
  • Central Asian Muslims (Persians, Kurds, Afghans)
  • Arab Muslims (Iraqi, Palestinian, Egyptian, Lebanese) 
  • Hindi speaking Hindus
  • Thai/Lao Buddhist

Why is This Position Needed?

The people group communities listed above conservatively represent 250,000 people in DFW. We believe prayer is the indispensable key to the unfinished task among these people groups with little access to the gospel. This urgent necessity quickly became apparent, not only to survive but to see fruit flourishing in these mostly resistant people groups. In pursuing loving obedience to His call, major prayer innovations have been and are being birthed. One of these seems to be the emerging role of the ‘prayer strategist’ that links passion for and practice of prayer and connection to prayer movements and networks with strategic field efforts to catalyze cascading movements to Christ.


The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex has been the fastest-growing metro area in the United States over the last decade. The immigrant population in DFW has quadrupled during the previous 20 years! These immigrants have included large numbers of refugees, some of whom are of unreached people groups. DFW is now a global gateway city—home to twelve significantly unreached people group communities comprising nearly 250,000 people. According to a Pew Research Religious Landscape Study, Dallas-Fort Worth has the highest percentage of Christians among all major metropolitan areas in the United States. DFW’s Jesus-followers have an excellent opportunity to pray for and share the gospel with the growing numbers of unreached people groups. 


  • Submit short monthly reports to the Strategy Coordinator.
  • Meet or video conference with the assigned Global Gates Strategy Coordinator once a month to evaluate and strengthen the work.


  • Prayer Strategist training will be made available through the Fellowship of Prayer Strategists.

Team Member Characteristics

  • Demonstrates a mature walk with God as verified by lifestyle and references.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Bible with its overarching narrative and can articulate the major tenets of the Christian faith to others.
  • Evidences God’s calling, gifting and leading to reach unreached people groups with the gospel.
  • Is age twenty-one or older (no maximum age).
  • Has a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Has the experience to fulfill the job assignment. 
  • Is legally able to work in the USA or country of operation.
  • Models healthy family relationships (click here to view our family standards).
  • Has no credit card debt and all other loans (student, mortgage, etc.) are manageable. 
  • Shows evidence of good emotional, physical, financial and mental health.  
  • Demonstrates a healthy relationship with a local evangelical church.
  • Agrees with the Lausanne Covenant and Global Gates’ Core Values
  • Demonstrates relational skills to network with partners for raising salary and ministry support.