Midwest Hub Leader

Mission Description Summary

Hub Leaders are highly empowered Strategy Coordinators whose responsibilities extend beyond any specific UPG assignments of their own, to other UPGs and Global Gates missionaries within their designated hub. They serve in a one-year renewable role with their fellow Strategy Coordinators in their hub to strengthen and expand the work of Global Gates. The Midwest Hub Leader’s primary goal is to see the major unreached people groups in Midwest Hub cities (Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, St. Louis, etc.) reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They pursue this task by mobilizing and leading new workers and teams to engage unreached people groups from the Global Gates Priority UPG Matrix with the gospel, creating a climate in the Christian community that contributes to prayer, ministry, evangelism, church multiplication, training and leadership development to bring these least reached peoples to faith and growth in Jesus Christ. A Midwest Hub Leader will typically be working with their own unreached people group while enlisting, leading, equipping and coaching team members and other Kingdom Partners to pursue church-planting movements among each priority UPG in their Midwest Hub area.

Major Responsibilities and Function

  • Attend a monthly online meeting with Global Gates hub leaders.
  • Identify or develop a fellow Strategy Coordinator from your Midwest hub to serve as Deputy Midwest Hub Leader.
  • Nurture a vision for the spread of the gospel, multiplication of disciples, and planting of churches among priority UPG matrix groups in the Midwest gateway hub and through them to other communities of those people groups around the world. The Midwest Hub includes Minneapolis, Des Moines, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and other Midwest gateway cities added to the UPG Priority Matrix. Detroit and Chicago are priority.
  • Develop prayer for diaspora UPGs in the Midwest gateway hub.
  • Facilitate strategic research on Midwest gateway hub diaspora UPGs.
  • Ensure comprehensive strategies exist to stimulate church multiplication movements among each major Midwest gateway hub diaspora UPG.
  • Mobilize, build and lead teams to pursue evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting efforts among Midwest gateway hub diaspora UPGs in their hub.
  • Facilitate training events and equipping opportunities for Kingdom Partners in their Midwest hub.
  • Continually learn and share best practices in disciple-making and church multiplication to intentionally work with God in aiming toward a movement
    mentality and reality.
  • Model and train others in evangelism, disciple making, church planting, and leadership development, always looking for high-yield trainers to emerge for intentionally investing in and nurturing.

Unreached People Group Information

Major Unreached people groups in Midwest Hub cities (Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, St. Louis, etc.)

Why is This Position Needed?

Midwest cities are strategic locations for many priority unreached people groups in North America.


While multiple cities are potential locations, Detroit and Chicago are the most strategic base locations.


• Submit short monthly reports to a coach or supervisor.

• Meet or video conference with your assigned coach or supervisor once a month to evaluate and strengthen the work.

• Provide mid-year and annual reports for Global Gates Board meetings.

• Meet with your Midwest hub Strategy Coordinators once a month for vision-casting, strategic planning, cross-fertilization, encouragement, and prayer.

• Meet with other leaders of UPG teams in your Midwest hub once a month.

• Meet or video conference with your Global Gates coach once a month to discuss your work.


Hub leader training provided.

Team Member Characteristics

  • Missionary Qualifications – Must meet the general missionary qualifications required for Global Gates missionaries. Must also agree to support Global Gates’ distinctives & core values.
  • Visionary – The Midwest Hub Leader needs to envision what God desires for diaspora UPGs in their hub and through them to their communities around the world.
  • Spiritually Mature – The Midwest Hub Leader needs to be spiritually mature and committed to sound evangelical beliefs and practices.
  • Strategic – The Midwest Hub Leader needs to align tools, time, relationships and resources, to accomplish God’s vision for the UPGs in his/her Regional Gateway area.
  • Intentional, focused, and disciplined – The Midwest Hub Leader needs to be a self-starter who is able to avoid distractions to maximize evangelism, discipleship and church multiplication among the least reached prioritized diaspora people groups in their hub.
  • A Learner – The Midwest Hub Leader must be a life-long learner committed to learning and sharing best practices for kingdom advance among their respective diaspora UPGs.
  • Passionate – The Midwest Hub Leader must have a sense of urgency, because members of the diaspora UPGs in their hub are lost and dying every day without Jesus Christ.
  • Faith-Filled Perseverance– The Midwest Hub Leader has faith that God will reach the diaspora UPGS in their hub. When obstacles arise, the Midwest Hub Leader tenaciously perseveres, clinging to the vision the Lord birthed for a disciple-making & church planting movement among the diaspora UPGs in, and through, their hub.