Prayer Coordinator Among Afghan Muslims in Metro New York

Mission Description Summary

Afghans live in other major metros across North America, but over 30,000 live in Metro New York City with tight connections throughout their homeland. Only a few known Afghan believers live in New York and only a handful of local churches recognize the opportunity to reach Afghans locally and globally. The Prayer Coordinator for Afghan work in the region will ensure that a comprehensive prayer strategy is implemented on behalf of the nearly 30,000 Afghans in the region.

Major Responsibilities and Function

  • Abide in Christ.
  • Invest 5 to 10 hours per week to the assigned Global Gates ministry role.
  • Seek to become an expert on Afghans, both in NYC and abroad. 
  • Establish a prayer network for Afghans in Metro NYC. 
  • Collaborate with other prayer coordinators and groups to grow the network and learn new methods and best practices for prayer strategies.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive prayer strategy to stimulate learning about the people group and asking the Holy Spirit to move upon them in specific ways. For example: creating and maintaining a prayer-focused website, utilizing social media, developing resources such as prayer guides, prayer cards, etc. 
  • Facilitate prayer events, prayer walks, and prayer conference calls. 
  • Cultivate a healthy culture of prayer among team members. 
  • Serve alongside other team members in special projects and trainings, as able. 
  • Raise up financial partners to support your work through Global Gates.

Unreached People Group Information

Concentrated Area: Kew Gardens Hills & Fresh Meadows (Queens); Hicksville & Bethpage (Long Island)


Population Estimate in Metro New York: 30,000

Primary Religion: Islam (Sunni)

Primary Languages: Dari, Pashto, English


Why is This Position Needed?

Significant breakthroughs among Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are marked by extraordinary prayer. This is true not only of those inside movements such as apostolic-missionary teams and early generations of believers, but also true of  prayer warriors from the outside who have been mobilized to pray towards movement among a specific people group or segment.  Scripture also highlights the  importance of prayer by showing many examples of people partnering with God through fervent prayer to see spiritual breakthrough and lasting spiritual change. A Prayer Coordinator is needed to mobilize extraordinary prayer for the Afghans of Metro NYC. He or she is also needed to intentionally cultivate and sustain a healthy culture of prayer among team members and ministry partners who are active in seeing these people engaged with the Gospel.


The epicenter of the Afghan Muslim community can be found at the border of Kew Gardens Hills and Fresh Meadows, Queens. Bakeries, restaurants, residences, and community centers of Afghans are centralized here, but Afghans also live, work, and play throughout the Metro in Flushing, Queens, Hicksville & Bethpage on Long Island, and New Jersey communities such as Passaic & Middlesex counties. Gospel workers in these diaspora communities would allow disciples to be made and churches to be planted among Afghans locally and throughout their networks globally.

*Note: Though it is preferred for the Prayer Coordinator to be local to the Metro NY region, it is possible to work remotely.


  • Go through the Global Gates application process for Associates.
  • Submit short monthly reports to the assigned supervisor.
  • Meet or video conference with the assigned supervisor once a month to evaluate and strengthen the work.
  • Submit an annual report to Global Gates leadership.
  • Participate in team meetings when applicable.


The Prayer Coordinator will be required to participate in a Prayer Strategy Introductory Training Course offered by Global Gates Network. This course focuses on key Kingdom-advancing prayer strategies and is based on Discovery Bible Study (DBS) style discussions of passages from the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. The Prayer Coordinator will also be expected to  interact with other prayer coordinators to glean new skills, tools, and methods for implementing a comprehensive and effective prayer strategy for Afghans in Metro NYC

Team Member Characteristics

  • Demonstrates a mature walk with God as verified by lifestyle and references.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Bible with its overarching narrative and can articulate the major tenets of the Christian faith to others.
  • Evidences God’s calling, gifting and leading to reach unreached people groups with the gospel.
  • Is age twenty-one or older (no maximum age).
  • Has the experience to fulfill the job assignment or is willing to be trained.
  • Models healthy family relationships (click here to view our family standards).
  • Shows evidence of good emotional, physical, financial and mental health.  
  • Demonstrates a healthy relationship with a local evangelical church.
  • Agrees with the Lausanne Covenant and Global Gates’ Core Values.
  • Demonstrates the relational skills necessary to raise the needed funds for the assigned ministry role.