Social Media Outreach Coordinator for African Muslims in Metro New York

Mission Description Summary

A Social Media Outreach Coordinator’s (SMOC) primary task is to develop and implement an aggressive social media strategy to reach an unreached people group, or unreached people group affinity clusters, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The SMOC builds a network of prayer, evangelism, and online discipleship in order to catalyze church planting movements throughout the prioritized people groups in Metro NY and beyond. Social Media Outreach Coordinators can work from within a gateway city or remotely.

Major Responsibilities and Function

  • Gain understanding of assigned unreached people group’s worldview
  • Assemble gospel media resource library (audio Scripture, testimonies, videos, correspondence courses, etc.) in people group’s language(s)
  • Create and/or implement comprehensive media strategies for evangelism and discipleship to stimulate church multiplication movements among people groups
  • Develop a team of social media outreach coordinators to steer online media outreach efforts for specific affinity groups within the assigned geographic location.
  • Collaborate with like-minded Evangelicals to model best methods and train potential social media evangelists and disciple makers.
  • As new believers and/or seekers emerge, network them to co-laborers on the ground

Unreached People Group Information

Major Concentrated Areas

  • Harlem
  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Newark

People Groups: Wolof, Fulbe Futa, Futa Toro, Soninke, Jula, Mandinka, etc

Population Estimate: 100,000+

Primary Religion: Islam (Sunni), variety of sects

Primary Language: French and West African languages (see people groups above)

Why is This Position Needed?

West African Muslims in Metro New York work long hours throughout the week, have long commutes, and work odd hours. They primarily communicate with their friends and family through social media. As a result, the gospel needs to be spread through their preferred means of communication.


West African Muslims have small enclaves throughout the Metro New York area. Their greatest concentrations are in the south/southwest Bronx, Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn), and Newark (New Jersey). The SMOC may work remotely from anywhere in North America as long as they have reliable Internet access.


  • Submit monthly reports to a coach or supervisor
  • Submit annual report to Global Gates leadership
  • Meet or video conference with the assigned Global Gates coach once a month to evaluate and strengthen ministry efforts


Global Gates will provide training and/or point people in this position to training materials.

Team Member Characteristics

  • Demonstrates a mature walk with God as verified by lifestyle and references.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Bible with its overarching narrative and can articulate the major tenets of the Christian faith to others.
  • Evidences God’s calling, gifting and leading to reach unreached people groups with the gospel.
  • Is age twenty-one or older (no maximum age)
  • Has a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Has the experience to fulfill the job assignment
  • Is legally able to work in the USA or country of operation
  • Models healthy family relationships
  • Has no credit card debt and all other loans (student, mortgage, etc.) are manageable
  • Shows evidence of good emotional, physical, financial and mental health
  • Demonstrates a healthy relationship with a local evangelical church
  • Agrees with the Lausanne Covenant and Global Gates’ Core Values
  • Demonstrates relational skills to network with partners for raising salary and ministry support