Social Media Outreach Coordinator for Turks in Metro New York

Mission Description Summary

A Social Media Outreach Coordinator’s (SMOC) primary task is to develop and implement an aggressive social media strategy to reach Turkish-speaking peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Working with missionaries on the ground across North Jersey/ Metro New York, the SMOC will build evangelism and prayer campaigns to find Turks interested in the gospel in order to catalyze discipling relationships and church planting movements.

Major Responsibilities and Function

● Abide in Christ.
● Volunteer and invest 5-10 hours per week to the assigned Global Gates ministry role.
● Have a working knowledge of Turkish.
● Assemble a gospel media resource library (audio Scripture, testimonies, videos, correspondence courses, etc.) in people group’s language(s) that will help seekers overcome their barriers and connect with their bridges to the gospel.
● Work with missionaries on the ground to create and implement comprehensive media strategies for evangelism and discipleship to stimulate church multiplication
movements among Turks.
● Enlist a team/coalition of like-minded partners to assist you in various social media/online projects focused on Turks within Metro New York and beyond.
● Network and collaborate with other SMOCS to learn and sharpen skills.
● As new believers and/or seekers emerge, develop a tracking system to connect them to co-laborers on the ground.
● Maintain and update content on and related media sites.
● Develop and adjust media branding.
● Raise up financial partners to support your work through Global Gates Network.

Unreached People Group Information

Turks In Metro New York.

Why is This Position Needed?

Like so many others living in the digital age, Turks are constantly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, Youtube, etc. Turks in Metro NYC are constantly distributing information to family members and friends throughout Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East on a daily basis. Because they often have very full work schedules, connecting with Turks in Metro NYC via social media is essential for spreading the Gospel and identifying those who are willing to enter discipling relationships with Christ-followers. Social Media Outreach will act as a strategic funnel for finding interested people in the Gospel quicker than missionaries on the ground could so otherwise.


*The SMOC may work remotely.

Turks live all across Metro New York (North Jersey, New York City, Southern New York, Southwest Connecticut, and Long Island). Their largest concentrations are in South Paterson and Cliffside Park in New Jersey.


● Go through the Global Gates application process for Associates.
● Submit short monthly reports to the assigned supervisor.
● Meet or video conference with the assigned supervisor once a month to evaluate and strengthen the work.
● Submit an annual report to Global Gates leadership.
● Participate in team meetings when applicable.


Global Gates recommends customized social media outreach classes offered by and These trainings involve selecting and evaluating media platforms, using online evangelism and discipleship advertisements, mobilizing prayer networks, and developing media content to guide unreached people groups into discipleship. To become an effective Social Media Outreach Coordinator, the candidate will need to constantly learn, evaluate, and adjust the social media strategy for reaching Turks. In addition to customized outreach courses, Google Analytics Training is also recommended.

Team Member Characteristics

● Demonstrates a mature walk with God as verified by lifestyle and references.
● Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Bible with its overarching narrative and can articulate the major tenets of the Christian faith to others.
● Evidences God’s calling, gifting and leading to reach unreached people groups with the gospel.
● Is age twenty-one or older (no maximum age).
● Has the experience to fulfill the job assignment or is willing to be trained.
● Models healthy family relationships (click here to view our family standards).
● Shows evidence of good emotional, physical, financial and mental health.
● Demonstrates a healthy relationship with a local evangelical church.
● Agrees with the Lausanne Covenant and Global Gates’ Core Values.
● Demonstrates the relational skills necessary to raise the needed funds for the assigned ministry role.