Muslims in the Detroit Metro Area Short Term Mission


We are thrilled that you will be joining us during one of our Sifting Weeks or Weekends. These Sifting events are very strategic to our work as we send out large numbers of volunteers to strategic areas of the Detroit metro area, such as Hamtramck and Dearborn, to sift for Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists who are being drawn to Christ by the Holy Spirit. You will greatly multiply our efforts to look for and find people who desire to know more about Jesus. As you begin putting your team together, the following information will be helpful to you.

Available Trip Dates

We host individual church short term teams throughout the year, especially during the summer. Please contact us to schedule a Sifting Week for your church or group or to see if you can join an existing Sifting Week.

Recommended Group Size
6 - 12 people all over 18 years of age or older.

Anticipated Detroit Costs (transportation to Detroit is not included to these costs):

  • $50 – project fee/participant (covers outreach materials).
  • Church & Mission House housing (free with donation suggested)
  • $25-$30/day for food (can eat cheaper than this, but this is a safe bet)

We have partnered with a mission-minded local church near Hamtramck to house teams of 6-12 people for our Sifting Weeks.  This church has been highly accommodating and we suggest a free will offering in appreciation of their hospitality.  If other lodging is desired, AirBNB and local hotels are plentiful, especially in Dearborn.

If you do not have your own transportation, we highly recommend renting a vehicle. This makes the team much more flexible and effective.

We strongly encourage lunch/dinner to be eaten at local ethnic restaurants. Plan for a high estimate of $25-$30/day per person for food, and you should be good to go.