West Africans in Metro New York Short Term Mission


We are thrilled that you will be joining us during one of our Sifting Weeks. These weeks are very strategic to our work as we send out large numbers of volunteers to strategic areas of the city to sift for the thousands of Muslims in our area, many of whom are already searching and wondering about spiritual things. Your team will greatly multiply our efforts to look and find people of peace who desire to know more about Jesus. That being said, this trip will be very heavy in prayer and personal evangelism. The only way to find people of peace is to share Christ with people.

We are asking our volunteers to come and help us search out people of peace, people that the Holy Spirit has been at work in. Your team members will prayer-walk, and we will let you have a variety of ways to help (going in shops, door to door with free materials, giving out things in the subway,  teaching English, etc.). You will engage people, learn about them, offer to pray for them, seek to share the gospel with them, then ask them if they are willing to meet together again with their family/friends to share more. We hope to start new Bible studies with groups of people as a result of our Sifting Weeks. Our prayer is that you will gain something during this trip that you can return home and be more effective in your personal ministry.

Available Trip Dates

Dates are flexible.

Recommended Group Size

3 - 12 people all 18 years of age or older.


South Bronx, Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights (Brooklyn)

Primary Religions

Unreached People Groups

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Anticipated NYC Costs (transportation to NYC is not included in these costs):

  • $50 – project fee/participant (covers stipend for local believers who will follow up on contacts you make, and materials).
  • $33- weekly unlimited Subway Pass
  • $45-$60/person a night for hotel or dormitory housing (you should be booking at least 6 nights stay for each participant)
  • $25/day for food (can eat cheaper than this, but this is a safe bet).

There are dorm-style, hotel, and AirBnB lodging available.

Dorm-Style (rooms of 4 bunk beds that sleep 8 people)

Metro NY Baptist Association

Living Waters Fellowship (Bushwick, Brooklyn) – Call for availability and price. (718) 443-7567 Pastor Ronald


Hotels will cost approximately $175/night/room. If you book a hotel, please ensure that the room can hold the number of people you are planning for. Some hotels in NYC only hold a maximum of 2 people, so just check with the hotel. When searching for hotels, please ensure that your hotel is:

  • If serving in Harlem and the Bronx: In the Bronx, NY (South Bronx or nearby) or in Manhattan (Midtown, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, or Harlem).
  • If serving in Brooklyn: In Brooklyn.
  • Within walking distance (no more than ½ mile) from a subway stop).


Hephzibah House – A Christian bunkhouse in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

AirBnB – Some teams have found AirBnB to be a great way to house themselves while on a Short Term Mission Trip. If you do choose to use AirBnB please ensure that you follow the same guidelines for hotels above.


If flying, LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is the easiest to navigate once you arrive and the cheapest to travel from to your destination in NYC. Alternately, JFK (in Queens, but much further away) and Newark (EWR) are options.

Getting Around NYC

An unlimited weekly NYC Metro Card costs $33. This is the easiest way to travel around the city, and it is good for unlimited rides on NYC buses and the subway. Google Maps offers reliable transportation instructions from point to point.

It is encouraged that groups eat in the restaurants of the target populations and utilize this time to make new friends and share the gospel with restaurant workers and others. Participants should anticipate spending $20-$30/day on food.