Washington, D.C. Area South and Central Asian Unreached Peoples


  • Meet for training, prayer, and worship.
  • ​Go out in small groups to engage with the unreached people groups of the area.
  • Invite those interested in the gospel to start a Bible study.
  • Visit places of worship.
  • ​Eat at ethnic restaurants.

Available Trip Dates

  • June 14-17, 2022: Northern Virginia

Recommended Group Size
3 - 12 people all 18 years of age or older.


  • Northern Virginia or Maryland

Primary Religions


Unreached People Groups

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  • $100​​ Registration​.
  • Be prepared to purchase two meals a day at ethnic restaurants.
  • Out-of-town guests:​ You will be responsible for finding accommodations for your group.

Participants will be using their own vehicles.

  • Be prepared to purchase two meals a day in ethnic restaurants.