Unreached People Groups in North America

An Unreached People Group is an ethnolinguistic group that is less than 2% evangelical. In practical terms, an unreached people group is lacking access to the gospel because of a lack of churches or Christians among them who can clearly communicate the message. While there are many groups of people and areas of the world that are more and more unchurched, there remains a substantial list of people who have barely had the opportunity to hear the message in the first place. Work among them is much more of a priority for the spread of the gospel to panta ta ethne.

The UPG Priority Matrix for North America assesses the unreached people groups with populations of more than 5,000 present in North America. Each group is then given a score based on weighted factors that come down to the likelihood that group will encounter the gospel in an understandable way. Then groups are ranked from least likely to hear, so it becomes a list of the peoples most in need of cross-cultural evangelism.

The infographics below were created to illustrate the information on the UPG Priority Matrix. They narrow down things like the Top 100 Most Unreached People Groups in North America, the most strategic metro areas, and even a simple explanation of how the UPG Priority Matrix works. Please feel free to use these to inspire and mobilize people! Images may be downloaded. Keep watching for updates and new graphics on this page.

The Unreached People Group Profiles page have folders that contain images of postcard-sized profiles on unreached people groups arranged by global gateway cities. The images contain brief descriptions on why evangelists and missionaries are needed among these people groups, and they also contain written prayers for the people groups.

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