Mandinka of New York City

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: Highbridge (Bronx)

Why are Workers Needed?

This is the largest community of Mandinka in North America. Most Mandinka have never heard of a Mandinka Christian, and there are no Mandinka churches. Many Mandinka already speak English which makes them the most accessible West African Muslim immigrant group to North American Christians.

Prayers for Mandinka of New York City

Lord, raise up laborers among the Mandinka in the Bronx to share the gospel effectively, disciple believers, and start churches.

Lord, remove the power of fear marabouts (Islamic sorcerers) have over the Mandinka and give them a desire to know Your truth and power. Open their hearts to discovering the Bible.

May You lead West African Christians to reach their Mandinka friends and neighbors.

Lord, may many Mandinka accept Christ in Metro New York who will have a passion to share You with their community. May You guide the surrounding Christian community to begin spiritual conversations with their Mandinka neighbors.