About Global Gates

God brought Global Gates into being in 2012 after realizing a need to make disciples and start churches among, and through, the unreached people groups of Metro New York. Global Gates vision and mission quickly expanded to include other global gateway cities including Houston, Washington D.C., and more.

The world’s people are on the move. Globally, over 272 million people currently live away from their home country (United Nations, 2019), but the numbers are even larger when you add the children of immigrants, those who lived abroad and then returned home, and those who have internally migrated within their own countries.

Statement of Faith: What We Believe & Core Values

Global Gates Network agrees with the statement of faith adopted by the Lausanne Covenant.

Global Gates is focusing on a new era of missions aimed at reaching a world already connected through global diaspora relationships.

Global Gates believes it is “through” cities where the greatest gospel impact is happening. Therefore Global Gates is dedicated to:

“For over a decade, Global Gates has been a valuable partner in this effort. Not only do we support Global Gates financially, but we also regularly partner with staff from Global Gates to develop strategies to share the gospel and plant churches among the newcomers to our city.”