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In a 21st century pilgrim’s progress, Chris Clayman takes us on a journey into God’s Superplan. An encounter with Jesus propels Clayman from his American Christian middle-class lifestyle into an adventure with God that leads him from Texas to Cambridge University to Muslim West Africa, eventually leading him to discover God’s global gateways to the ends of the earth through New York City. Clayman’s journey of faith will challenge readers to live for God’s story instead of their own, and experience for themselves how God uses ordinary disciples to accomplish the extraordinary.

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Dr. David Garrison, executive director of Global Gates, traveled a quarter-million miles throughout the Muslim world gathering more than a thousand interviews from Muslim-background believers in burgeoning movements to faith in Jesus Christ. He asked these baptized Muslim background believers the simple question, “What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ? Tell me your story.” The result was the groundbreaking book, A Wind in the House of Islam. Garrison discovered that we are living in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history! Read the exciting story for yourself and share the good news with others.



This attractively-designed 15-page booklet helps Christians understand how to begin gospel conversations with Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Sikhs. The booklet not only describes basic beliefs of adherents of these religions, but serves as a guide on how to steer conversations with them so that the gospel can be shared in a way that they can understand.

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In many ways, Global Gates was born out of the research we did for ethNYcity. After researching Metro New York for 4 years, ethNYcity was published featuring 82 attractively designed profiles on significant people groups in the region.

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“Reaching the Nations Through Our Cities” proposes that the next challenge for missionary pioneers is reaching busy, hidden, influential unreached peoples who have migrated to cities. Based on several years of research on the immigrant populations in Metro New York, this paper will seek to answer the question, “What will it take to reach the unreached peoples in our cities?”

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Ed Stetzer

This Christianity Today blog features an interview with Ed Stetzer and Chris Clayman on the research process that went into producing the book ethNYcity, as well as conclusions that came out of the research process for missions in North America.

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Where Missionaries are Most Needed in North American Cities

Where should Christians prioritize work and prayer to see the least-evangelized peoples in North America reached with the gospel? Below is a list from a working spreadsheet that attempts to determine the most significant unreached people group communities in North American cities where missionaries are needed. The list is sorted using an overall significance score based on a matrix of weighted factors including global status of evangelical Christianity, population size in the city, ministry engagement in the city, same culture Christians in the city, and the global significance of the people group’s presence in the city. To access the working spreadsheet on google docs, click here. Within the spreadsheet, you will see an explanation of the factors above, the weight assigned to each factor, and how the people groups scored for each factor. Feel free to insert comments if you have input on the table’s data to make it better. Also, if you have information (even if incomplete) on an unreached people group in a North American city that should be added, please submit the information through this form (the people group must number at least 5,000 in the city to be included).

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