2503, 2019

What an Opportunity!

March 25th, 2019|

It's not often that we can claim to know what is in the minds of Muslim men and women in our communities; today we can be certain. After the deranged attack on two mosques in a New Zealand city called, ironically enough, Christchurch, Muslims around the world, particularly those in our own global gateway cities, are wondering: Are [...]

1911, 2018

Most Significant Unreached People Group Communities in Metro NY

November 19th, 2018|

Some ethnic groups in North America have almost no exposure to the message of Jesus in a way they can understand. Nowhere is this reality more evident than in New York City, where the diversity and volume of peoples are overwhelming. Global Gates has recently updated a list of the people groups who are most in need of [...]

2208, 2018

It Starts Small

August 22nd, 2018|Tags: , , |

Big things, both good and bad, often start small. Global Gates was born in a growing storm. The storm began several years ago with suspicious murmurs about immigrants: "Are they legal?" "Are they taking our jobs?" "Are they dangerous?" "Are they terrorists?" What began as suspicions soon became a groundswell of opposition to the strangers in our midst. [...]

808, 2018

“The Lord of the Dance”

August 8th, 2018|Tags: |

Jesus is the Lord of the dance. That means He’s the dance instructor, DJ, has the first and last dance, and the authority and power to dance whenever, wherever, however, and with whomever He wants. He picks the music, can spontaneously drop some fresh beats, release a new hit remix or bust a breath-taking move at any time. [...]

1707, 2018

“What do you weep for?”

July 17th, 2018|

Stephen Davey, a pastor in Wake Forest, a small town outside Raleigh, NC once preached a sermon where he asked, “What do you weep for?” Christian, I want to ask you that same question ... What do you weep for? What do you weep for? What breaks your heart? Or, to be more direct and specific, when is [...]

805, 2018

Timothy George Interviews David Garrison

May 8th, 2018|Tags: , , , |

What is Global Gates all about? Dr. Timothy George, Founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School, interviewed Global Gates Executive Director, David Garrison, last month about Global Gates and the Great Commission challenge to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, tribe, and tongue. Listen to this exciting interview on the Beeson Divinity School website here.  

405, 2018

Superplan: a journey into God’s story

May 4th, 2018|

In a 21st century pilgrim’s progress, Chris Clayman takes us on a journey into God’s Superplan. An encounter with Jesus propels Clayman from his American Christian middle-class lifestyle into an adventure with God that leads him from Texas to Cambridge University to Muslim West Africa, eventually leading him to discover God’s global gateways to the ends of the [...]

1511, 2017

Global Gates Houston

November 15th, 2017|Tags: |

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States with a combined population of 6.3 million residents in the Houston metropolitan area. With more than 90 languages spoken in Greater Houston, it is also one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the country. Global Gates is growing a team to serve the nations in [...]

2409, 2017

Thank you from Houston!

September 24th, 2017|

Thank you for the wonderful response to our appeal for Muslim widows and single mothers in Houston. Our Global Gates team in Houston has adopted widows and single moms from the Muslim immigrant community. These women lost approximately 75% of all their belongings in the devastating flood that accompanied Hurricane Harvey. Our team went right to work hauling [...]

1809, 2017

Urgent Need: A Muslim Donates to GG

September 18th, 2017|

“Go away from here! We don’t want your help!” This was the immediate response from a Musa, a middle-aged Muslim man, when Jay, our Global Gates missionary, showed up in his housing complex offering help. Jay explained to him that we were following the teachings of Isa (Jesus) who instructs us to love our neighbors as we love [...]