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Global Gates Map is Not Territory (part three of a three-part series)

Map is Not Territory (part three of a three-part series)

Grad school at the University of Chicago found me wading through Jonathan Z. Smith’s essays on religion titled, Map is Not Territory. I can only...
Global Gates the Thing about Allah

The Thing About Allah (part two in a series)

There's alot of talk out there about this Muslim god named Allah. For many Americans, the name strikes notes of fear and anger. His name...
Global Gates Do Muslims And Christians Worship The Same God Part 1

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? (Part one in a series)

This topic has been in the news recently, particularly after a professor at Wheaton College faced termination for making the claim that Muslims and Christians...
Global Gates the Curse Story in 3 Formats

The Curse Story in 3 Circles Format

  On our blog, May/9/2015, we outlined a Curse Story presentation for sharing the gospel with people who live in fear of curses. Kyle Pierson...
Global Gates Heart $ Muslims Conference

Heart 4 Muslims Conference

There are an estimated one million Muslims in the Metropolitan New York area.  Despite much labor, we are still experiencing only the beginning of what...
Global Gates The Curse Story

The Curse Story

Below is an outline of "The Curse Story." This is a draft of a presentation of the gospel using a theme from the Bible that...
Global Gates Takinig Advantage

Taking advantage of every opportunity

A Perspectives course, taught in Spanish, targeting Hispanic Christians, and passing on the vision of reaching the world for Christ... Perspectivas is happening now in...