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Global Gates Muslims In Metro New York Part 3

Muslims in Metro New York (Part 3) – Muslim Minority

A majority of the peoples listed in our one million Muslim population list are from countries that are predominantly Muslim. There are three exceptions. The...
Global Gates Muslims In Metro New York Part 2

Muslims in Metro New York (Part 2) – Specific Muslim Group Estimates

On my last blog, I looked at different estimates of Muslims in the United States, and more specifically, the New York metropolitan area. My estimate...
Global Gates Muslims In Metro New York Part 1 One in A MIllion

Muslims in Metro New York (Part 1) – One Million Muslims

The Muslim population is on the rise in the United States. While the percentage of Americans that identify as Muslims is still small, their influence...
Global Gates Putting Water In Their Hands

Putting water in their hands

Somalia, the country with one of the longest coastlines of any African nation, known for pirates and camels, also boasts a population that is over...
Global Gates An Open Door

An open door

Fifteen years ago, the relationship between Saudi Arabia, homeland of Islam, and the United States was cool at best. Opportunities for Christians to live there...
Global Gates Sheba's Legacy Outreach to Yemeni Immigrants

Sheba’s legacy: Outreach to Yemeni Immigrants

The Queen of Sheba had heard many things about this King, about the wisdom that Yahweh had granted him. She had heard, but she did...