Aslam’s Burning Question: “Who is Jesus?”

Dear Friend,

As I celebrated the Fourth of July earlier this month, I was reminded freedom is not free. I considered the freedom that transcends any freedom a government can give. It’s the freedom found in Jesus Christ, who released us from the bondage of sin. I’m glad to have one of your Global Gates missionaries, *Aslam, share his journey from the chains of Islam to liberty in Christ:

Jesus entered my life in 2001 when I was living in Bangladesh. My mother gave me a New Testament. I was surprised and angry. I asked her why she gave me this instead of something Islamic to read? She said, “This book tells us about the Messiah Jesus. Read it, and be blessed.” I read through the Gospels. I thought it was a waste, because it was the same story on repeat. My mother said, “These four books were written at four different times by four individuals, who witnessed Jesus from four different points of view, and the stories are similar. Therefore it is true.”

I began a journey to find the answers to my questions about Islam and Christianity. I studied the Bible, Quran, and Hadith to see what those books say about Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. I asked myself, “Who is Jesus?” My eyes were opened. Jesus is different from all others. He is holy and pure. It was difficult to accept the truth when it was revealed to me. As a Muslim, I knew the cost to leave Islam to follow Christ would be great.

I battled shame and guilt, but John 3 and John 14 showed me where to find salvation. I lived as a secret believer for a few years until my family and friends discovered my new faith. My wife and I were rejected by our families. I faced persecution from those closest to me, but God didn’t waste my suffering. He used it to sanctify me. I fled Bangladesh in 2012, and moved to New York. I met a Global Gates missionary three weeks after my arrival. This man became my friend and mentor. God used this friendship to show me His super plan. I was called to reach my people, the same people I left behind, here in New York. At first, it was hard to obey God’s call, but he showed his faithfulness by meeting all my needs. Now, I work to reach my people for Christ.

Thank you, dear friend, for your prayers and financial support for missionaries, like Aslam, from Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh backgrounds, who help us reach their people here and around the world. Your generosity fuels the mission. God bless you.

Grateful for you,

David Garrison

Executive Director, Global Gates

*Name changed for security reasons.