Your Next Overseas Mission Trip: DFW

The sprawling metropolis of Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)  is more than just a bunch of large trucks, cowboy hats and cheap real estate for Californians. It is also a global gateway city–home to nine significantly unreached people groups. These nine groups from our list comprise nearly 175,000 people. So if you’re looking for a chance to reach unreached people groups who have likely never heard the gospel presented clearly to them, why not explore options in the Dallas Fort Worth area? Significantly unreached people groups in the Dallas area span from Thai people, who already have Christians and churches, to Gujarati and Pakistani people, who are unlikely to find a relevant church if they decide to follow Jesus. Your next overseas mission trip could be waiting for you in Dallas!

Muslims of DFW

Global Gates Unreached People Groups Of Dallas Fort Worth

A majority of the people groups in DFW are Muslim. They come from Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iran. That

covers a good chunk of the Muslim world. The Pakistanis are the most likely to lack a relevant church. There may be some churches with some similar cultural backgrounds, but not something that would work well if a group of Pakistani Muslims came to faith. All of the other Muslim groups would likely have some sort of church option, although nowhere near what they would need for us to consider these populations “reached.”

Hindus of DFW

Two major Hindu groups live in this area–Gujarati and Hindi speaking Indians. These two groups alone make up half of the significantly unreached population in the DFW area. A majority of them are concentrated in Irving and the Plano area. The Gujarati speakers are in significantly more need of cross-cultural missionaries. They have a much lower chance than the Hindi speakers of finding a relevant church. 

Buddhists of DFW

Finally, there’s one Buddhist group from our list in the Dallas area. Around 8,000 Thais in City Place are still considered significantly unreached. While there are multiple evangelical churches for Thai people in the area, it’s still not enough for the size of the population. 

Get Involved!

There’s even a little bit of ministry happening among each of these groups in Dallas. It’s not enough considering the large population. But when there’s ministry happening, volunteers get involved more easily. Starting from scratch is difficult. If you live in the Dallas area with a casual interest in reaching out to unreached people groups, do some research. There are some good avenues for you to plug into ministry. If you’re interested in learning more, join a prayer call in a couple weeks. This will  high work among unreached people groups in Dallas. You can get the information on this by contacting this email. Zoom is a normal part of life anyway. Why not spend some time on it exploring how God is bringing His Kingdom to unreached people groups in DFW and around the world?