Global Gates Houston

Jon Shepherd Missionary: “More Muslims have come to Christ in the past 25 years than the previous 1,300 years combined. So, God is doing something in our day in which he has never done before.”

“When I looked at my life, I wanted to be a part of something that God is doing now.”

Kevin Greeson Texas Hub Leader: “All around the world we hear stories of God moving among the unreached people groups. Well, those people groups have representatives. People have come, immigrated as refugees. They’ve come over here to the United States for business.”

“So, we believe that God will do something among those people groups here in the U.S.”

Daniel Owen Operations Officer & Missionary: “As we go out and we knock on the door and share with these people it’s amazing how open they are to discussions. As we will typically will go out we’ll just say, “Hey, we’re here to pray for you, to bless your family. We believe that God answers prayer.”

So, when those specific prayers are answered and God is doing this, then they’re putting two and two together and seeing because this person prayed to Jesus or Isa, then his prayers are answered. So, God is working. It’s God doing it. We’re placing it in God’s hands. He’s answering prayers, and he’s drawing people to himself through us just being available to go out and share the gospel and pray for people.”

Shepherd: “And when we go to door-to-door through these neighborhoods or we meet Muslims at restaurants and we share with them even though there are mega churches all over Houston just like all over America, we are the first people that have ever shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with these people, and they are scattered through all of these neighborhoods.”

“they have not heard the gospel in a way that they can hear and receive. We’re some of the first ones to put a Bible in their hands, the Word of God in their hands for the very first time. So, it’s highly, highly strategic, and not only is there a great need, but also God is working in Muslim hearts in amazing ways long before we ever get to their door.”

Greeson: “We know of a group that we trained here recently. They went to a mosque and began sharing the gospel with the imam of that mosque. He becomes a follower of Christ. He tells the men who came to share the gospel with him, “’You know, it took about 1,000 of you with a 1,000 of your words to catch me, just me.’”

“And then this imam, now a believer, he said, “’But with one word I can catch 1,000. It took 1,000 to catch me, but just me, I can catch 1,000.’”

“At Global Gates here in Houston we need team members. You might be the one who shares the gospel with the next Muslim who comes to faith in Christ, who turns around and says, “Hey, this is good news. I want to share this with all of my community, with my family, (and) with my friends.”

“We believe there are those individuals out here among the UPG’s just waiting for us to find them. When we find them they come to Christ (and) some of them want to reach and do something big for God and those are the people we’re looking for. Come join us.”

Global Gates