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Join Us in Prayer for Persian Jews

There are two main Jewish groups from Iran: Mashadi and Tehrani Persian Jews. Some of the largest populations of them in the world are in New York and Los Angeles, respectively.

Global Gates Join Us in Prayer for Persian Jews

Mashadi Jews faced harsh persecution in the last 150 years of Iranian history. Forced to “convert” to Islam, they privately practiced their Judaism in tight and insular communities. Those communities have persisted even with migration to North America. Mashadi Jews are #9 on our list of unreached people groups most in need of missionaries.

Pray for Mashadi Jews to form relationships with people who can tell them about their Messiah. 

Pray for Mashadi college students to be open to hearing the message of the gospel.

Tehrani Persian Jews are a slightly more open group than Mashadis. They are more open to intermarrying and adjusting their religious practices. They have a population in the Los Angeles area that’s 30,000 strong! 

Pray against the drug and alcohol abuse rampant among many of the Persian Jewish youth. 

Pray for open hearts to the message of the gospel.

Pray for people who will commit time and effort to bringing Jesus to this significant population.

Thanks for joining us in prayer for Persian jews today. To learn more and get involved, visit the Global Gates website.