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Join us in prayer for the Somali Bantu communities of Toronto and Columbus, OH

Somali Bantu have suffered for generations from slavery, abuse, and mistreatment. Today, many are in the United as refugees along with Somalis. These two groups–Somali and Somali Bantu–are distinct. Somali Bantu need people to focus on reaching them specifically.

Pray against fear among the Somali Bantu. There are many things to fear. Some are afraid that their God will punish them for reading the Bible or considering Christianity. There are very few Christian Somali Bantu, and they are fearful of sharing with their people.Global Gates Join Us in Prayer for the Somali Batu Communities of Toronto and Columbus OH

Pray for the communities of Etobicoke in Toronto and the West Side of Columbus to be ready to engage with and assist the Somali Bantu. Many struggle to acclimate to life in the US. Pray for deep relationships and love to form between them and Christians in the community. 

Pray for the complete Scriptures to be translated into their language. 

Pray for Jesus to appear in their dreams, instructing them on following him. Pray for their obedience to these messages from God.