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Join Us in Prayer for the Soninke People

The Soninke have a substantial presence in New York City and Cincinnati. Many of them come from the country of Mali. There might be only one Soninke church in the world (and Islamic militant activity in the area prevents Christians from frequently meeting). Join us in prayer today for the 20,000 that live in North America.Global Gates JOin Us in prayer for the Soninke

Thank God that these Soninke in the United States live close to Christians. Pray for the Christians of New York City and Cincinnati to reach out to these people. Pray for them to share the gospel with love and compassion and point them to relevant resources, like this website that includes gospel resources in Soninke.

Pray for a handful of believers to rise out of the Soninke people and start a movement of them following Jesus that can spread around the world.

Pray for Soninke children growing up in North America. Ask that they would be close friends with passionate Christians in their schools. May these youth be leaders of faith in their communities. 

Want to learn more about reaching the Soninke? Get in touch with us.