Join Us to Pray for Bobover Jews

Join us today as we pray for Bobover Jews of Metro New York. They are the third largest Hasidic Jewish group in NYC. Their founding teacher (rebbe) was a Polish Jew who managed to escape the Holocaust (90 percent of Polish Jews perished in the Holocaust). Bobover Jews are known for their peacefulness. They are the more moderate of the Hasidic Jewish communities in Metro New York and are gaining in popularity. The Rabbi of the Bobovers was hailed by New York media for wearing a mask in the midst of a surge of Covid-19 among the Hasidic communities. Bobovers don’t restrict community members from working and living outside of the community. They also don’t take a stance on the nation of Israel (the largest Hasidic group in NYC, Satmars, are anti-Israel). There are about 50,000 Bobovers living in New York. 

Here are some ways you can pray for the Bobov community:

Like all of the Hasidic groups, one of the greatest challenges to gospel witness is Christians having access to the community. Pray for Christians to have respectful creativity in how to spend time with Bobover Jews. 

Pray for the men who have business dealings and other contacts outside of their Jewish community. Pray for Bobover Jews to have access to the gospel. Ask God that they would be open to hearing the gospel and that Christians would take every opportunity.

Pray for the women and children of the Bobover Jewish community. The girls have little choice about the direction of their lives–their purpose is to have children and manage the house. Pray that God would miraculously give these women access to His gospel.