Join Us to Pray for Gujarati Hindus

Join us this week as we pray for Gujarati Hindus. Gujarat is a region of India and also a language. You’ve likely interacted with Gujaratis in the hospitality industry. Potentially 42% of the hotel industry in the United States is controlled by Gujaratis–mostly with the last name of Patel. There are 33 different Gujarati populations on our UPG Priority Matrix. They literally live all over North America–from Dallas to Montreal to Phoenix to New York City. 

Here are some ways you can pray for Gujarati Hindus:

The Gujarati in Houston are among the most in need of cross-cultural missionaries. There are no known churches where Gujarati is the main language. For a population of nearly 30,000, there is not nearly enough engagement with the gospel.

Some Gujaratis feel that their culture is “endangered” as many become more and more westernized. Pray for God to show them how they can follow Him in a way that honors their culture and history. 

Most Gujaratis have done very well financially. Pray for them to not be sucked in to the allure of wealth and status. Pray for Gujarati people to long for a deeper knowledge and experience of God.