Join Us Today to Pray for Moroccan Arabs

In Morocco, less than 0.1% of the Moroccan Arab population is Christian. That remains true for the diaspora groups. Moroccan Arabs have significant populations in nine different urban areas in North America. The largest population is in Montreal–a whopping 77,000 live there, with no known church among them. New York City has a concentration of 33,000, also with no known church. Moroccan Arabs are linguistically and culturally different from most of the Arab world. That means that most Arab Christians would struggle to communicate well with Moroccan Arabs. Join us today as we pray for Moroccan Arabs. They remain a significantly unreached people group, even with years of missions efforts.

Here’s Some Things to Pray for Moroccan Arabs:

Pray for Moroccan Arabs to have many Christian friends who are excited to share about Jesus with them. Moroccan Arabs tend to be open to spiritual conversations. Ask God to grow that openness to an interest in Jesus.

Pray for a church among Moroccan Arabs to start in Montreal.

Due to radical Islam, many Moroccan Arabs are distancing themselves from Islam. Pray for their spiritual lives to be directed toward their Messiah.