Pray for Algerian Arabs

Chances are you may not know a whole bunch about Algeria. I know that Algerians own most of the halal pizza places in my neighborhood. And that’s about it. Algerians are a significantly unreached group in North America. They, by far, have their largest North American presence in Montreal, with a population of nearly 55,000. These Algerians are successful in fields such as engineering and medicine. They differ from some other Arab groups because they come as immigrants, not refugees. Their French-influenced Arabic is also significantly different from the Arabic spoken in Egypt and the Arabian peninsula. As a result, other Arabs have difficulty understanding their Algerian neighbors. There are no known churches among the Algerians in Montreal and almost nobody working to change that. Join us today to pray for Algerian Arabs.

Pray for Algerians in North America to have dreams of Jesus. This is one of the most common ways for Muslims, especially Arabs, to become interested in following Christ. 

Pray for Algerians to have, and meet, Christian neighbors who will lovingly invite them to follow Jesus. Ask that Montreal would become the starting place for thousands of Algerians to become followers of Jesus. 

Pray for Algerian Arabs to have Christian coworkers. Ask the Lord to give those coworkers boldness and willingness to engage their Algerian neighbors in spiritual conversations. May workplaces be where eternity changes for many Algerian Arabs.