Pray for Satmar Jews

Join us today as we pray for the Satmar Jews of the New York Metro Area. Satmar Jews are the highest priority group on our UPG Priority Matrix. This means that of all the unreached people groups in North America, we find them the least likely to hear the gospel and become followers of Jesus. There are several reasons for this. First, they exist in a fairly closed community. Their goal is to be self-sufficient and autonomous. They’ve even created America’s first Haredi town, called Palm Tree, New York. Second, even among Jewish groups, they are unique because of their absolute lack of support for the nation of Israel.

Maybe you’ve watched the Netflix miniseries Unorthodox during these long months of Covid? That story is set in the Satmar Jewish community. Third, this group is a unique diaspora group in that while they emigrated from Europe, this specific group primarily resides in Metro New York.

Here are some ways to pray for the Satmar Jewish community:

Ask God to give dreams and visions of Jesus as the true Messiah among the community. The insular nature of the community would make it very difficult for cross-cultural missionaries to share the gospel within this sect.

Pray for Satmar Jews to have interactions with Christian outsiders. Pray for those interactions to be soaked in the gospel to begin to shine a light into this community. 

Pray for the good of the community. Education is centered around religion, and especially for women, there are little to no opportunities to grow outside of the community. As a result, many of these families with 10-15 kids live in poverty.