Pray for Tibetan Buddhists in NYC

Today let’s pray together for the Tibetan Buddhists of New York City.

There are about 10,000 Tibetan Buddhists in Metro New York. This is a significantly unreached people group–No. 25 on our list. They are concentrated most in the Jackson Heights neighborhood. You may have heard about this neighborhood recently as one of the areas hit the hardest by Covid-19. Let’s pray together for the souls of the many unreached Tibetan Buddhists in that neighborhood. Pray that God’s Kingdom would expand in the midst of this crisis. 

Pray for a movement of believers to arise out of the Tibetan population in NYC. It is the largest concentration of Tibetans outside China, India, and Nepal. People coming to faith in this community would have global impact. 

Pray over the handful of believers in this community. Ask that criticism from their community would not sway them. Pray that they would have a positive influence in their community, especially in this time of crisis.

Pray for churches to be formed among Tibetans in NYC (there currently aren’t any). 

Pray for Nepali and Indian believers to share the gospel with their Tibetan neighbors.