Pray for Yemeni Arab Immigrants

If you’ve heard of Yemen, it’s probably been in the context of the humanitarian crisis, a movie, or the first season of Amazon’s Jack Ryan. Yet none of those sources communicate almost anything about Yemeni immigrants. Yemenis are a unique group. They are Arab but distinctive from other Arabs. Yemen also lacks the wealth of other Gulf Arab states. Their Arabic dialect is fairly different from the Arabic spoken in surrounding countries. Yemenis also tend to maintain their conservative culture, even after emigrating. They live in large communities in New York and Detroit, although there are smaller populations in many other major cities. Yemenis are easy to spot because of the women who usually wear the full burqa, or at least the abaya and tight hijab. Join us today as we pray for Yemeni Arabs. 

Here are Some Specific Things to Pray for Today:

Pray for the Yemeni Arabs here in the US, who are suffering Global Gates Pray For Yemeni Arab Immigrants Little Boyfrom job loss due to COVID-19. Also pray for their families in Yemen who have limited access to proper medical treatment as the pandemic encroaches on their land. Pray for all to know the peace that only comes through Jesus. 

Pray for Christians in Detroit and New York. The Yemeni community can be difficult to access. Pray for inspiration for Christians to connect with Yemeni Arab neighbors in meaningful ways. 

Pray for Yemeni immigrants’ children. These kids grow up with feet in two very different worlds–Yemen and North America. Pray against the influences of gangs and drugs and alcohol that often prey on the young Yemeni men. Ask for the girls to have opportunities that exceed their mothers’. Pray they would receive education and have choices when it comes to their marriages. 

If you’d like to spend more time praying for Yemeni people, visit pray4yemen.com for some great resources.