Prayer is the Single Most Important Thing

The internet has been good to us during this time–from great memes born out of boredom to “Some Good News,” to old women without smartphones learning to use Zoom. Of course the internet has also brought us heartbreaking stories of weddings and birthdays cancelled and thousands sick and dying from Covid-19, which has deeply affected some of the most lost areas of New York City. So what can we do in the midst of boredom and anxiety? Prayer. That’s the single most important thing when we want to see unreached people groups become followers of Jesus–whether we’re under quarantine or not. 

Prayer Fosters Change in Unreached People Groups

Before any movement of unreached people coming to Christ, there is an extravagant amount of prayer. When people in different parts of the world start becoming followers of Jesus, the most important common denominator is prayer. It’s the most important thing.

We have been offering many resources for praying for unreached people groups. Would you take at least ten minutes today to pray for one of the unreached people groups we’ve highlighted? We might even suggest praying for some of the groups being hit the hardest in the Covid-19 crisis in New York City: Shaikhs, Thais, Tibetans, Morroccan Arabs, Egyptian Arabs, Iraqi Arabs, Bosnians, Bangladeshis, and Afghans. 

Prayer Alone and Prayer Together

Whether you are alone in your apartment or stuck in your house with a husband and three kids, every member of your household can be a part of a quarantine prayer movement for unreached people groups. Our lives may slowly start to return to normal in the coming months. We have an opportunity now to pray for the millions in North America and around the world who do not know Jesus. Here’s a great resource for engaging kids in the great commission even while under quarantine. 

Here’s a Few Ideas

Unreached people groups will not come to know Jesus without believers committing to prayer. There are many different ways you can pray during quarantine beyond sitting on a couch with your eyes closed. I have a wall of sticky notes of people I’m praying for. I walk from one wall to another wall on the other end of my apartment while I pray for them. If I need a workout I switch to lunges. You can prepare food from a largely unreached region of the world (I recommend baklava) and pray for that people group before (and while) enjoying your food. Spin a globe and pray for where your finger lands. You can print off some of our infographics or UPG prayer cards and put them in different parts of your house–praying for those people when you get to that part of your house. Like an Easter egg hunt. There could potentially be an obstacle course involved if you have kids or if you’re really into crossfit. You could go on a prayer walk (maintaining social distance) in a neighborhood with unreached people groups. The options are endless really. 

You have an opportunity to redeem this time. Will you use it to bring redemption to the nations?