Pray for Kosovar Albanians

Kosovar Albanians are one of the most unreached people groups in the world. Although some churches exist among them in other countries, the population of over  40,000 concentrated in New York City has a different story. They are without any established church, and there are only a few known believers. Kosovar Albanians come from a Muslim background and have a difficult and complicated shared history with their region of Europe. While almost all would identify as Muslims, many do not regularly practice their Muslim faith. Their highest identity is with being Kosovar Albanian. These Albanians need people to reach across cultures to share the love of Jesus with them. Join us today as we pray for the Kosovar Albanians of New York City. 

Pray for the many Kosovar Albanians who work in Italian restaurants. Pray that their coworkers would be strong and bold in their faith and would share with their Muslim coworkers.

Pray for people living in Pelham Parkway. Kosovar Albanians are concentrated most in this neighborhood. Pray for churches there to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. There are a few Albanian churches in Metro NY that are of a similar cultural background. However, none of these are located in the main concentrations of Kosovars in the Bronx. 

Pray for Christians from this people group to move to this neighborhood of New York. Ask that these 40,000 souls could soon have a church planted among them.