Access the full “Nik Ripken, Muslim Background Believers, and the West” series

Global Gates interviewed missionary Nik Ripken, who is the author of “The Insanity of God.” The contents from the interview were crafted into a multi-part series of articles titled “Nik Ripken, Muslim Background Believers, and the West.”

Global Gates Nik Ripken

Nik Ripken

We believe this series is a helpful resource that God can use to equip the American church in a variety of ways. It will show western Christians how to pray and care well for their brothers and sisters who are living in persecution. Ripken breaks down Satan’s strategy to shut us up and take our eyes off Jesus. He also challenges western workers serving among Muslims not to live in fear.

Ripken also shares with us how to engage Muslims with gospel intentionality and how to help Muslim background believers grow in their relationship with Jesus. He gives us a guide for best missionary practices to help prevent unnecessary persecution for Muslim background believers, and shows how to help Christians from a Muslim background do house church in a way that will thrive.

You can access the full series here:

  1. Should Christians Pray for Persecution to Stop?
  2. The Pearl of Great Price or a Bucket of Pearls?
  3. Do Not Fear
  4. Intentionally Engaging Muslims with Gospel Purpose
  5. Helping Muslim Background Believers Flourish
  6. Rooting Muslim Background Believing Families in Christ

Nik, we are grateful for your service to the Kingdom of God. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us for this project.

– Ben Doster, Global Gates Director of Communications,