Special Benevolence/COVID Update

Dear Ministry Partner,

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged our world, bringing many communities to their knees. Racial tensions, polarizing politics, riots, and catastrophic storms have exacerbated an already raging season of devastation throughout the United States.

But God is at work, and by his grace Global Gates’ missionaries continue to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ to broken, hurting, lost, and unreached people in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

This would not be possible without the sacrificial financial support of God’s people, especially those who made special contributions to our COVID-19 Relief Fund. We are so grateful for you and thankful for your generous partnership in this vital work.

Your generosity fuels the mission, and because of your gifts Global Gates’ missionaries have been able to touch hundreds of lives during this global health crisis.

Here are some ways God is using your generous donations to bless the nations:

  • Our Houston team has used money from the COVID-19 Relief Fund to serve a single Afghan mother from a Muslim background and her autistic son. God has  strengthened her relationship with one of our female workers. Through the COVID-19 relief support provided, God has opened a door for this missionary to pray over this mother and share the gospel with her multiple times. This Afghan woman is seeking peace. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to use our missionary to show her that lasting rest can only be found in the Prince of Peace.
  • Washington, D.C. Metro Area Global Gates’ workers befriended a middle-aged Iranian Muslim man. This Persian man arrived at the United States with little education, but that didn’t stop him from finding work. He spent the last 20 years serving food as a waiter, but the pandemic caused the restaurant where he worked to close. He was left without a job and a lack of marketable skills. Our missionaries, who had been praying for and sharing the gospel with him, stepped in with financial assistance from the COVID-19 Relief Fund, and was able to help him pay his car insurance and phone bills. They also have helped him search for employment and apply for jobs. Please ask the Holy Spirit to show their Iranian friend the truth and beauty of the gospel. Pray for him to see his need for Jesus and to surrender to Christ.

Again, this Kingdom work would not be possible without your generous partnership and prayers. Our ministry among the world’s least reached people groups is made possible by people like you.

So, if you are able, we ask that you please send a special gift to our Benevolence/COVID-19 Relief Fund. This would help our missionaries meet the needs of unreached peoples and give more opportunities to share how God has been generous to us through Christ.

Thanks so much,

Chris Clayman and Brad W.
Associate Directors, Global Gates