The Wolof of New York City

Join us to pray for the Wolof Muslims of New York City. The Wolof are the largest West African Muslim group in New York City. They are from Senegal where there has been decades of missionary work with very few Wolof choosing to follow Jesus. They practice a mystical (Sufi) form of Islam known as Mouridism, which is characterized by hard work and total devotion to their marabouts (religious teachers). The Wolof in Metro New York are No. 21 on our list of the most unreached people groups in North America. Over the last two years, however, around 10 Wolof have made decisions to follow Christ through ministry in New York. Join us today as we pray for the Wolof Muslims of New York City to show devotion to their highest religious teacher Jesus.

Pray for the Wolof Worldview

Ask God that they would see beyond the desire to work hard and earn lots of money. Ask that they see the deeper desires of their hearts and seek to find that answer in Christ.

Pray for a Harvest Among the Wolof 

Many have labored for years among the Wolof with little fruit. Pray that all of that planting and cultivating will yield an abundant harvest.

Pray for More Workers Among the Wolof

Ask for people who can minister among the Wolof in their multiple languages.

Pray for the Few Believers Among the Wolof.

Ask that they would get to see a harvest beyond their wildest dreams. Pray for their families and friends to know the Truth that they have found.