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Unreached People Groups – Afghan (Video)

Jeri: “Hi, today, we’ll be praying for the people of Afghanistan who have made New York City their home. In fact, it’s possible that if you have visited New York you may have passed their coffee or bagel carts on the street corner.”
“Anyways, the men work extremely long hours and only take breaks to pray five times a day and their wives basically stay home raising their large families.”

Craig: “I wonder how many Afghanis are there in New York, Metro New York?”

Jeri: “There’s about 20,000 of them, and they started coming here in the 1950s and then 1979 during the Soviet invasion and later the terror of the Taliban when they fled during that time.”
“Now, aren’t there other groups that are Afghanis that don’t practice Islam that came about the same time.”

Craig: “That really surprised me, because I thought all Afghanis were Muslims or practiced Islam.”

Jeri: “Me too.”

Craig: “But then I found out that there are Sikhs and there are Hindus and there are Jews in Afghan… there were. Now, they’re in the United States who also came during some of these times of immigration.”
“In the 1950s the Jewish people came both here and to Israel, then as you mentioned during the Taliban terror in 1996 you had a large influx of Sikhs and Hindus, Now, this is like water and oil. The Sikhs and Hindus, the Sikhs are strictly a monotheistic religion.”
“They only believe in one God, and Hindus many or they’re not the same. So, let’s just pray for them.”

Jeri: “Yes, let’s pray.”

Craig: “Father, God, so long I thought of Afghanis as the media portrayed them and I forget that they are a wonderful people and that all are Afghanis aren’t followers of Islam. They’re Sikhs, Hindus, and Jewish people and other minorities.”
“And Lord, we just want to lift them up to you and so many of us are afraid to speak to them and we ask you to take away our fear and just to give us a love and to help us find people of peace amongst their communities that also want to talk and share.”
“And help us be healers, Lord God. We all know people who have lost sons or daughters in this 13, 14 years of war, and have lost many people, too, that some that have moved here that need healing. So, help us be healers in the name of Jesus.”

Jeri: “And Lord, also, please bring those that would love them and be a light on to them and to show them who Jesus Christ truly is. In Jesus name, amen.”

Craig: “Yes, amen.”