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Unreached People Groups – Bobov Jews (Video)

The Bobov

Craig: “Hi, today, we’re going to be speaking about the Bobov Jewish people here in New York City. They’re located in Borough Park between 49th Street and 13th and 15th Avenues primarily. They came to New York in the late 1940s after being reduced to about 300 people after the Holocaust.”
“Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam established their congregation. Later his son Naftali Halberstam took over, and then he passed away in 2005 and has yet to see who is going to head up the Bobov.”

Jeri: “Yes, and they’re the third largest Hasidic group here in New York City, and the Bobover are known for their teaching of shalom and peace and their moderate ways. In fact, this has been a huge attraction for other Jews to join them.”
“For example, the Bobover young man can decide to pursue secular studies and the rabbi does not dissuade him, which is highly uncommon for other Hasidic groups.”

Craig: “You know, I was just down there yesterday visiting with the Bobovs and I just felt such a deep yearning just to be able to discuss these matters in greater depth with them and be able to communicate and come to a greater understanding.”

Jeri: “Amen. Let’s just pray right now for them. Lord God, we just come before you, and we lift up the Bobover Jews to you, Lord. They seek shalom and peace in their lives and we pray that they would recognize Jesus Chris as their Messiah who is the Prince of peace.”

Craig: “Lord, we realize, too, through your Holy Word that that shalom is not just for the Jewish people, but that one day the Jewish people will rule the nations underneath Messiah and that Lord, they will rule, bringing the shalom and justice and righteousness and joy, Lord God, throughout the earth.”
“And we just pray even now that you would teach and raise them up in your ways that they may do this, that there may be a generation that under Messiah will rule this earth, Lord, in a way that’s pleasing to you we pray in God’s shalom or in the name of the Prince of peace, Yeshua HaMashlach, amen.”

Jeri: “Thank you for joining us today, and God bless you.”