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Unreached People Groups – Lubavitch Jews (Video)

Prayer for unreached people groups of metro NYC.
The Lubavitch.

Jeri: “Hi, I’m Jeri, and this is Craig, my husband, and today, we’re going to be focusing on the Lubavitch Jews right here in New York City, and Craig’s going to be starting off by sharing a few facts about them.”

Craig: “Well, there’s about 20,000 of the Lubavitch Jews right here in Crown Heights where they have their world headquarters. They are the most evangelistic group of Hasidic Jewish people on the face of the earth. They have an eight-hundred-million-dollar budget just to seek the wayward Jewish people who aren’t practicing their religion as they should.”
“They believe this will help bring back the Messiah. They believe that their former rabbi Schneerson, who passed away in 1994, that he was actually the Messiah that we’ve all been waiting for. They expect him to raise from the dead or for his spirit to come into them collectively as a people.”

Jeri: “Yeah, you can go downtown Manhattan and many of them will be out there saying, “Excuse me, excuse me, are you Jewish? Are you Jewish?”
“And if you are they invite you into their RV, which is a Mitzvah tank and they invite you to go in and do a Mitzvah with them which is one of the 613 commandments that they need to fulfill.”
“And they believe if you do a Mitzvah it draws you closer to God and also is hastening the coming of their Messiah.”

Craig: “You know another interesting fact is that this group of people, they call themselves pharisees, could very well be related to a long time ago the gospel pharisees that Jesus dialogued with and that Paul said, “He was a pharisee of the pharisees.”
“And so, we may be carrying on a continuity as we share with these people and as we pray for them and love them that our ancestors in the Christian faith began almost 2,000 years ago.”

Jeri: “That’s right. Yes, okay, then let’s pray for them, and thank you for joining us today. Craig, would you pray?”
Craig: “Heavenly Father, we just thank you so much for the privilege today to pray for the Labavitch Jewish people, and we just ask Lord God that you would open the eyes of their hearts and their understanding and that you would reveal Yeshua HaKashlach, that is Jesus the Messiah to their hearts and to their understanding and that you would raise up in the midst of them a group of their own disciples of their own people who could amongst their people and model and show Jesus Christ in their midst.”
“We just ask that that there would be a might move of the Holy Spirit, that you would give them dreams and visions and that you would send forth laborers into this harvest to the Labavitch Jewish people here in Crown Heights, New York and Morris Town, New Jersey and elsewhere in the name of Yeshua, the Messiah we pray, amen.