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Unreached People Groups – Satmar Jews (Video)

The Satmar

Jeri: “Hi, I’m Jeri, and this is Craig, and today, we’re going to be praying for the Satmar Jews here in New York City. The Satmars are the largest Hasidic group in the whole world, and 60,000 of the followers live right here in Williamsburg, New York City.”
“And I was really surprised to find out that they do not support the present state of Israel, and because of their extreme anti-Zionist views that has put them at great odds with the Jewish world, which supports the nation of Israel.”

Craig: “Well, they have deep reasons for that, but in a nutshell they believe that to try to establish the state of Israel before Messiah comes and does it is to usurp his place of authority and honor, so that they cannot support anything that involves the state of Israel.”
“And they don’t even speak Hebrew. They can go visit, and they can even live there, but they do so not as citizens of the state of Israel, but they just do so as Satmar Jews.”

Jeri: “What about the two brothers that have been fighting in the courts?”

Craig: “That would be Zalman and Aaron Teitelbaum. There’s been a long drawn out fight ever since Rebbe Moishe Teitelbaum the rabbi passed away in 2006, and they’ve even come to physical blows about this, some of their followers have and it’s in the New York Supreme Court right now getting ready to get thrown out because they just cannot come to a decision.”

Jeri: “Okay, on that note let’s pray for the Satmars. Thank you.”

Craig: “Father, we call upon your name, oh Most High Adonai. We just pray that you would, Lord, make whole in this big wall of isolation of the Satmar people from the rest of the world and even amongst their Jewish brethren, Lord God.”
“They have this wall up out of regard for you, but yet Lord God their eyes need to be opened to see Yeshua HaMashlach, their Redeemer, their Savior, the One, their bride in whom they’re awaiting your love to beckon and awaken them and bring them to Jerusalem and to rule Israel in a way that’s righteous before you. We pray you will send laborers to them Lord and raise them up now.”
“We pray for your empowerment upon all your servants, Lord God, that are reaching out to the Satmar people and that you will raise up disciples and plant them in their midst and accomplish your plans and purposes through Yeshua HaMashlach and by the power of the Holy Spirit and the righteousness, Lord God of your covenants and your will toward them. In Jesus name we pray, amen.”

Jeri: “Amen.”