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Unreached People Groups – The Kurds (Video)

The Kurds
Jeri: “Hi, today, we’re going to be interviewing my dear friend Rukaya who is Kurdish, and she was born in Syria.”
“And I understand that the Kurdish people are known by another name.”

Rukaya: “Our nickname is the children of the mountains, because all the parts of Kurdistan have mountains.”

Jeri: “And you were raised in the mountains then. That’s beautiful.”
Can you describe a little bit more about the Kurdish people?”

Rukaya: “We are very creative people since we grew up close to the nature. We have artists, poets, painters, authors, and many singers.”

Jeri: “That’s great. Can you mention a couple of things that your people love to do?

Rukaya: “We love hospitality. We love politics. We have always been oppressed, and we have never had freedoms on our country. We have always fought for our rights.”

Jeri: “You have always had to fight for your rights. How many Kurdish people are there in the world and where do most of them live?”

Rukaya: “About 45 million people and most populated in Turkey, about 25 million.”

Jeri: “And what religion do the Kurdish people follow?”
Rukaya: “Most of them are Muslims. The rest are Christians and Jews and Kurdish.”

Jeri: “And this is your Kurdish dress. I love the colors.”

Rakaya: “We are inspired by nature, because we love color. That’s why.”

Jeri: “What are a couple of things on your heart, Rukaya, that you would want us to pray for your people today?”

Rukaya: “I went to the United Nations and I saw the flags of all the nations except Kurdish flag. So, please pray for the Kurdish people to get our own country.”
Jeri: “Anything else?”

Rukaya: “And for peace for my people.”

Jeri: “Yes, yes, amen. Father God almighty, we just come before you on behalf of the Kurdish people, Lord. We know all the hardships they have gone through and as our friend Rukaya is asking for prayer, that these people would have their own country, Lord God.”
“And we pray for peace upon them, Lord, as they’ve gone through so many difficult things over all these years, and so we just lift the Kurdish people up to you right now and also pray that you draw them closer to you, Lord God.”
“And we just love them and pray for the best for them. Thank you, God. In Jesus name, amen.