Afghan Hindu/Sikh of New York City

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: Hicksville (Long Island), Flushing (Queens)

Why are Workers Needed?

There are no believers known of among the Afghan Hindu/Sikh population in Metro New York. Most Afghan Hindu/Sikhs have fled Afghanistan due to persecution, and almost all Afghan Hindu/Sikhs in the United States live in New York. There are few efforts to reach Afghan Hindus/Sikhs throughout the world.

Prayers for Afghan Hindu/Sikh of New York City

Lord, we know that many Afghan Hindu/Sikhs have experienced deep persecution and trauma. Heal their minds and souls in Christ Jesus.

Lord, raise up people to share the gospel with Afghan Hindu/Sikhs in Hicksville and Flushing.

Lord, use your church to be a positive witness to this unreached community.

Lord, establish your church. Almost all Afghan Hindu/Sikhs in the world do not have churches nearby that understand their culture. Bring churches into being that will effectively evangelize and disciple the Afghan Hindu/Sikh communities.