Gujarati of New York City

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: Edison and Jersey City (New Jersey)

Why are Workers Needed?

The largest Gujarati community outside of India is in the Edison area. The Gujarati are successful business people who are monopolizing the American hospitality industry. Evangelists are needed in the business world who work on a church planting team. There is one Gujarati church within Metro New York, but it is far from the main Gujarati enclave.

Prayers for Gujarati of New York City

Lord, help churches develop intentional church planting strategies focused on the Gujarati.

May Gujaratis discover their identity in God’s Word.

Lord, guide Christians that live and work among the Gujarati to begin loving friendships with them.

May the spiritual principalities and powers that have kept the Gujarati bound from knowing Christ for many generations be stopped.

Lord, empower Christians in the hotel and motel industry to lovingly share Christ with Gujarati families.

May Gujarati Christians rise up to reach their own community.