Iraqi Arab of Chicago

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: West Ridge

Why are Workers Needed?

Iraqi Arabs have been leaving their country due to continuous war and unrest, and they need assistance in adjusting to America. More than any other time in history, Iraqi Arabs are open to hearing and responding to the gospel message. Evangelists are needed who engage Iraqi Arabs in their daily interactions and work environments.

Prayers for Iraqi Arab of Chicago

Lord, embolden Christians to establish loving relationships with Iraqi Arabs in Chicagoland.

Lord, may you continue to provide for the Iraqi Arabs’ material and physical needs. Lead Christians to assist and serve.

Please send evangelical Christians into the harvest field of the Iraqi Arabs in West Ridge. May your Holy Spirit guide laborers to households hungry for your truth.

Lord, show the Iraqi Arab people of their need for you, who is powerful, healing, loving, and gracious. Give assurance to the Iraqi Arab community that you have provided a path to Paradise through Jesus.