Kurdish Muslims of the Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: South Arlington and Plano

Associated People Group:

Primary Religion:

Why are Workers Needed?

Kurds are one of the highest priority people groups in DFW. We do not know of anyone focused on reaching this people group with a church planting strategy. There are only a few Christians within this people group community, and there are no churches made up of this people group in the city.

Prayers for Kurdish Muslims of the Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex

Lord, lead a missionary team to engage Kurdish Muslims in DFW to begin multiplying groups and churches to reach them in their heart language.

Lord, encourage close culture churches and believers to collaborate with the missionary team through prayer, resourcing, meeting feld needs, evangelism, disciple-making, and leadership development.

Lord, break down spiritual strongholds that prevent the Kurds from understanding the truth and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Lord, we know that Sikhs in Yuba City have been victims of hate crimes. Use Christians to show Sikhs the power of Christ’s love.

Lord, supernaturally make your Son known to the Kurds and use your church in DFW to glorify your name among Kurds in DFW.