Moroccan Arab of New York City

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: Astoria, South Paterson, Journal Square

Why are Workers Needed?

The growth of Moroccans in Metro New York is largely attributed to new immigration restrictions in France. Many speak multiple languages, welcome cross-cultural relationships, and are open to spiritual conversations. There are few Muslim background Moroccan believers in Metro New York and no established churches.

Prayers for Moroccan Arab of New York City

Lord, due to Islamic radicalism, many Moroccans are distancing themselves from Islam. Raise up long-term laborers to disciple them and direct them to the Messiah.

Lord, encourage and equip new Moroccan believers in the city. May they be surrounded by a believing community who will establish churches and reach other North Africans.

Lord, most Moroccans face challenges finding work, English teachers, and friends. Encourage Your followers to help meet these needs.

Lord, prior to their arrival to Metro New York, some Moroccans took advantage of European freedoms and sought You outside of North Africa. May Moroccans in New York find freedom in You.