Punjabi Sikh of Yuba City

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: South Yuba City

Why are Workers Needed?

The Yuba City area has the second largest concentration of Sikhs in the United States. A Punjabi pastor in Yuba city has a burden for the Sikhs. Only a few Sikhs have heard the gospel in a way they can understand, and only a few people are focused on reaching this Sikh community.

Prayers for Punjabi Sikh of Yuba City

Lord, raise up laborers among Sikhs in Yuba City to share the gospel, disciple believers, and start churches.

Lord, use the existing Punjabi pastor in Yuba City to reach out to Sikhs. Help these church members overcome fear, self interest, and negative thoughts toward Sikhs. Help Sikhs to clearly hear the gospel from these Christians in their language.

Lord, lead other Indian Christians in Yuba City to pray for, and minister among, the Sikh community.

Lord, we know that Sikhs in Yuba City have been victims of hate crimes. Use Christians to show Sikhs the power of Christ’s love.