Tibetan of Toronto

Quick Info

Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: West Parkdale

Why are Workers Needed?

The largest population of Tibetans in Canada live in West Parkdale. Nearly all Tibetans in Canada live in the GTA where Tibetan businesses thrive and the community can grow. There is little evangelism taking place among this community, and no Tibetan churches exist in the GTA. Workers are needed to find households of peace who will give their lives to Jesus.

Prayers for Tibetan of Toronto

Lord, raise up laborers and evangelists among Tibetans in West Parkdale.

Lord, embolden believers to share Christ with their Tibetan neighbors, co-workers, and classmates.

Lord, lead Indian and Nepali Christians to West Parksdale to share the gospel boldly and lovingly with Tibetans.

Lord, may Tibetan churches be started in the Greater Toronto area. Help these churches evangelize and disciple the Tibetan community in the city and through their networks around the world.