Wolof of New York City

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Metropolitan Area:

Concentrated Area: Harlem

Why are Workers Needed?

The Wolof are the largest West African Muslim group in New York City. A majority of the Wolof belong to a Sufi sect called Mouridism, and the Mouride Day Parade in Harlem attracts more people than any other African parade in the city. There are only a few Wolof Christians in the city, and there are no Wolof churches.

Prayers for Wolof of New York City

Lord, missionaries have worked among the Wolof for decades without much fruit. It is only through Your power that they can come to faith. Lift the veil and open their eyes to the truth.

Lord, many Wolof work long hours and place a high value on making money. Help them see that they cannot serve two masters.

Lord, raise up laborers who will be able to share the gospel to the Wolof in their language, as well as English and French.

Lord, help new Wolof believers mature in Christ, be transformed by the power of Your Holy Spirit, and share Christ with their people in New York City and Senegal.